Ozone Recycling, helping build a ‘Brighter Future’ with integrated end to end recycling services.



Ozone Recycling is an Australian owned enterprise with a proud history in developing sustainable solutions in recycling. Ozone has a proven industry track record in managing general waste, paper recycling, secure document destruction and providing sustainability solutions.

Ozone Recycling is a preferred partner of many medium to large enterprises, including public companies and institutions, including AMP.

Ozone Recycling is headed up by an experienced management team, including 20 year industry veteran, George Moshovis, who started the company in paper recycling and has since developed a national enterprise encompassing a number of general waste solutions, secure document destruction solutions as well as innovative thinking in the whole recycling industry.



General Waste

Ozone Recycling can manage a large variety of waste in an efficient and secure manner, regardless of complexity, rest assured Ozone will provide a holistic approach to meet your objectives.


Paper Recycling

Ozone Recycling services help small to large companies manage their paper waste in a sustainable manner.


Document Destruction

Ozone Recycling secure document destruction services provide 100% peace of mind compliance and stringent security standards. Ozone Recycling has on-site viewing available to clients and professional recording and tracking with every job.


Facility Solutions

Ozone Recycling facility management solutions provide 24/7 tracking of waste solutions as well as other forms of facility managed services for different clients, including a holistic solutions to keep buildings running efficiently.

George Moshovis

George Moshovis, Founder and Managing Director of Ozone Recycling is a well-known sustainability services industry professional.

George’s intimate understanding of the sustainability services industry both here and abroad is extensive.  He often advises many senior leaders in different sectors on solutions around effective logistics of general waste, paper recycling and secure document management.

Under Moshovis’ leadership, Ozone Recycling has evolved into the three key areas of general waste, paper recycling and secure document destruction managed services built on personalised customer service, attention to detail and a capacity to work with small to multinational clients in Sydney, NSW and around Australia.

George’s experience is highly valued and he has helped shape a multi-dimensional company whose key focus is a “Brighter Future” around sustainability.

George Moshovis - Managing Director

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